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Chengdu Zhiyuan mechanical science and technology limited company is located in  D1-1301,building No.4 of Fengde International Square, airway 6 Chengdu, south-east side of crossing bridge in lively south People Road. Its staff is composed of senior& middle engineers and technicians, skill-well welders, riveters, pipe fitters, crack detection workers with rich experience, working or worked in state-owned large and middle scale enterprise, the scientific research institute for many years.

Company environmentR&D

1.Welding of medium-carbon steel, for instance: eliminating, patching and repairing crank cracks of large-scale compressors, it is the only company that can do this business and has success experience with many enterprises in China. General Manager Mr. Zhi Xu has written an article published in "Nitrogenous fertilizer" in the 4th issue of 1997; For the large-scale imported Sulzer centrifuge P-100/3 (pushing type centrifuge), Our company has lift its separating efficiency at least 20% during putting them into using in chlorine-alkali industry through improving its distributing disk, feed screw and oil duct, obtains high praise. The glass lining tower section on the application of refining tower, obtains the the consistent high praise from the chlorine-alkali association.

2.The high-pressure self-tight flange ZY-LOC with the intellectual property rights of China only

The high-pressure self-tight flange ZY-LOC, our patently product  it breaks the drawback of traditional flange for separating the sealing and strengthen act on the one point, so, it can provide the comprehensive machanical properties and the life time. These are three similar products, Grayloc of United State, VECTOR of Britain, g-loc of Italy, on the world at present. For now, ZY-LOC successfully selected and applied to the largest state-level coal liquid project installment in Inner Mongolia by “China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation SEI”, otherwise, ZY-LOC has been used on the High-pressure PVC of Qilu Petroleum & Chemical Corporation, Chemical Sythetic Ammonia of Zhonghao Honghe, Carbamide of Hubei Huaqing Chemical Group Co., Ltd, and has obtained appreciative criticis. In 2008, Chengdu Zhiyuan Mechanical&Science Technology Co., Ltd was awarded the honorary title of “National R&D Partner” and “Outstanding Supplier” by Shenhua Group.

High-pressure self-tight flanges ZY-LOC may be widely applied to the areas of oil gas mining,  petroleum fining, chemical industry, aerospace, nuclear industry, ships industry, as well as synthetic fuel processing and so on,


Sale high- pressure self-lock flanges ZY-LOC professionally, plate heat-exchangers, compressor fittings, mechanical seals, rubber products, graphite equipment, stainless steel welded pipes, corrugated pipes, Anhui Wannan motors, valves and each kind of forgings.

Installation project

Mechinal equipment, Non-standard pressure-vessel installation & Primary contractor of engineer, such as the achievement is as 200,000 ton/year urea installments, 120,000 ton/year synthetic ammonia installments, the 88000Nm3/h live pressure adsorption decarbonization installment, the manufacture of large-scale wind chest on-the-spot, the project primary contractor of 12,000 kilowatt steam turbine unit and 6M50 large-scale compression units,  pressure vesselsⅠ/Ⅱ, non-standard equipment, the manufacture of metal structure components on-the-spot and so on.

Estblishing good brand, serving in first-class, working hard and doing in good faith, Chengdu Zhiyuan has obtained the deep affection from varous enterprises. In the futrue, it hopes extremelu to obtain xontinually caring, supporting and helping from colleagues of all walks of life!

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